LIFE IS A DREAM [vv. 105-106]


Adaptation of the play by Calderon de la Barca

Adaptation and dramaturgy: Carles Alfaro and Eva Alarte


Directed by: Carles Alfaro



Perfomed by:


Vicente Fuentes

Alejandro Saá

Rebeca Valls

Enric Benavent




A king, upset by the death of his wife on the very day he gives birth to his firstborn, credits the interpretation of the astral sciences which determine the fierceness of the newborn and the consequent debacle that his reign would behave. Terrified, he conceals his existence by isolating him in a confinement of which only his most faithful courtier is concerned. However, thirty more years late, when it comes to naming and heir to his crown, he questions himself if he made a mistake and decides to leave doubts by testing the monster that has been feeding in the dark... While, accidentally, someone breaks into the cell altering the hermetish established.


Who owns your dreams? Who chooses his destiny? Can a man decide, at his own will, the way? Is it desire or is it reason, which guides and guides us? What distinguishes us from the beast that embodies our passions? How do we govern it?




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